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yeah i saw now
i'm making a bot interface
i automated uploading screenshots of apps here you can try it "@LemonAndroid show `./game`"
they are weeeak ��
time for some sleepy eyes
ok dudes
my bad, gazelle
!fresh ciMultiSetTopTenLines(50, dm_discord_texts())
don't look at the video
yo gazelle
!fresh gazelle_setAvatar(#1101755);
haha... i expected "lol" to be the winner
!eval ciMultiSetTopTenLines(dm_discord_texts())
ah don't be so anal
!fresh ciMultiSetTopTenLines(dm_discord_lines())
ok that one's nice
these are so bad
big <anythings> are sexy <anythings>
gazelle is...
hmm. that might actually be true
it's like they accept TV as their spiritual guide sometime early in life
people swallow everything for some reason
but of course every episode rates around 9 on imdb
stranger things 3 is kind of annoying
... can also mean nothing now
i'll ditch the special cases and do it all over the regexp engine
oh maybe i didn't do that one
eezee means easy
gazelle is stupid sometimes
eezee is a cool bot
full-text search works ✅
...chuck norris...lives...
...chuck norris...
There once was a street named after Chuck Norris, but they had to change it because no one crosses Chuck Norris and lives.
I have a good one tho
yeah but is it really funny?
I think the second one is that he kicked the guy back the evolutionary chain
THAT would have been a proper joke
when chuck norris hires a hooker, she pays him.
that's not the chuck norris I know!
one more
i didn't Chuck-le though
ok, marginally better
there are so many funny chuck norris jokes!
wow that's... not funny
i don't get that joke
!say hello
oh damn, i think i gave the bot too many rights
or not? i hate logins
oh, my mistake
i'm participating too
i participated there mutliple times
you wanna win a grundeinkommen? <@463778175432785932>
i get an empty server list when trying to add a bot
great, now that i switched accounts and back, the bot add function broke
holy moly, dank memer is on over 1 million servers
hee hee
pls meme
monkeysense has proved you right
i think it's what we mortals call "discord server"
yeah, GUILD ��
if i was paid by the hour, i would have made 50 € rn just for finding out which event to subscribe to
power word "GUILD"
how to win every b2b sale
guild :d
oh... i need to use onGuildMemberJoin
�� what a lame name
is at
Oh, sorry! I'm not on mac, I have an iPad 2. Like, OG iPad 2
commit more
can someone else leave & join or smth?
i'm using GuildJoinEvent
or it doesn't apply for bots
hm... maybe i'm listening for the wrong event
yeah... sure!
why can't these bot authors speak proper english
Levelfactor: 60 XP needed more for each subsequent level
and wad up <@199652661551693824>
<@534589798267224065> info
or stoopid
he mute