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trade sub4sub
<@267468623935700992> is making a few changes to the server
eezee remember 3 last messages
memba the time when we fell in love
i'm paying my time
!eval apertium_de2en("fischfrikadelle")
!eval apertium_de2en("jemandem eine frikadelle ans ohr labern")
not live atm
-Open Search Twitter
like auto-kicking anyone who utters a French word
green? f?
frikadelle is not in the db? weak
it has a lol pronouncation for german speakers 😄
memba the time i was a memba?
saw a tweet by ChrisSeaton very lately
oh shit, they actually require proper case
you know you can put links in < > to suppress fetching jamie's face
but there has to be a way for people with new channels to promote themselves
what if that accidentally works
ah fuck it, i'll put it in there
-Open Search Cooler Bot Than Eezee
so are you on the list?
your behavior towards <@267468623935700992> is not good <@463778175432785932>
how many subs is your sub worth?
TriviaFlashToday at 9:53 PM
for TruffleRuby
eezee probe transcribe-voice-20-sentences
black memba
want my fish?
sub trade?
why are we seeing chinese now?
Honestly nothing
You can buy chatbots on Fiverr.
Its just a fun project
Well i think it would be cool to use eezee to make a calculator app
how will the input come from discord?
I think it would be a good idea, because when new members come along it has additional support for them
or also a japanese version of ƒ
That will print the message
Ive heard good things about ruby, but im just gonna stick with python for now. I have some programming experience so its not too hard to ...
do you understand busyness?
lol 😄
Let me think
num1 = input("give me a number")
num2 = input("give me another number")
console define_singleton_method(:add_two_numbers} { |a, b| a.to_i + b.to_i }
The ability to print something to the screen, the ability to take input from the user, and the ability to do basic math
-Open Search clone LemonAndroid/eezee1 to random name and open it on
also ruby is a far simpler language than python
i also implemented it in eeZee already
not certain
<@548244096591069214> help me understand people
I mean it should, shouldn't it?
another one that could help people is a neural network that detects tsunamis
there is a simple library for ruby, called brainz
I think its pretty cool
gazelle help me help people
console 3000 + 2342
whatever you want
well you do you
no, it's not
what do you want to calculate?
it shows questions in rythm
so there could be a red and green ƒ
are you on mac?
print(int(num1) + int(num2)
think about really simple things first
I see. Im just interested in seeing what they're capable of
there is ƒ for new functions
green ƒ
there is google vision api which does ocr pretty well
Yeah there are, but if you were trying to make a bot that people could learn to code with, learning to make a calculator is a great way t...
In ruby or python?
Yup, basically that
Train it on different environments all over the world
-Open Search CommandToMakeGurrendM3 Think quicker
Well i say heres a few good ones to impliment for python
Im on windows
if it transfers to mars images...
i think i subbed to this kid in my sub4sub days 😃
You can also do:
on twitch?

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