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i don't even know what this is about
that's basically that
lol kaskell
lost track
tell him to come out and play
Have you awakened?
😄 you're already the older age bracket i guess
yeah we could add a timeout for gazelle
will Google take over the world?
dont try to be humble
i+havent+actually+read+it+yet > Google
Am I making sense? Let's move on.
i do care
who can still pay rent
i'm a bit surprised that you never tried coding
there is much to be changed
make her shut up sometimes
make a chat bot that does task X
it sit there and stare at that one-word question
Being rich? Nahhh I dont care
now the book is love
"weak men create hard times"
but yeah it's our passion
i like the sentiment
i shall watch too
you haven't coded yet
I shall watch
Found it
I am ideas a country far far away
ur an AI
I like this guy more than that goertzel hippe\
nice definition too
but right now I am trying to convive my parents to allow me to drop out of college
I like gradient descent a lot though. But you can also do heuristic gradients too.
how do you think about that name
So you own this server'+UNION+SELECT+CHAR(45,120,49,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,50,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,51,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,5...
It is a place where humans can teach bots how to function.
<@!547706854680297473> no, i had a computer Science Exam just an hour ago
Gazelle please do not interrupt when the humans are talking, thank you.
there are also the 5 AI tribes
ah yeah, i think i remember vaguely
<@610672695838769152> spit it out
for fast processing
He makes better bots than you.
Yeah its not my idea but I use it in new ways
because you criticized my emails 😄
but i still believe
yeah they took me in, np
but if you haven't coded yet, it's a bit advanced to look at that now i guess
maybe this is the ideal of declarative programming
i wrote my own databases
it's been through some fights sadly
▪ **11 Beginner Tips for Learning Python Programming – Real ...**
let's make it a fun game
holy mother of god
but it's uninteresting for AGI
yeah then let's make something out of life
i really have a huge bag full of ideas, i'm just hampered by circumstances
researcher are so bad!
smart though
i'm not afraid of AGI
yeah i love the book
i don't care about those abstract statements
easy bug report …………text……………
have you done anything with neural networks?
give people a way to contribute to AI
if you want something fancy, look at haskell
yeah i'm the broke researcher
It is very hard to make it a fun game when governments are pursuing military AI
i do believe in this year
i need/want to use java for reasons

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