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For example, a common bot request is a girlfriend bot, something that also helps as a personal assistant and confidant
do you have a discord server?
And yet it will store the conversation
yeah i'm making that
we can deploy bots locally later too
It allows distinction for questions related to game performance by platform
eye colors
yes, discord, slack, web sites
sorry for disrespecting **the perfect city**
I want a complex chat bot
yeah it's easy to clone to a new machine
<@548244096591069214> hi
Its knowledge base should be private
i want to do daily code-streams about it
you haven't told me what the bot should do
Nah it’s fine
maybe i'll stick with twitch
that's the concept
it's just a machine
it's the project actually
here... youtube has some serious advantages
privacy is boring
lol thx gazelle
or GUIs
with one visitor
then choose "create"
I just logged in rn
i did a fun stream today
"create instant invite"
I would love to test
wow hamburg sucks
well... i'm completing the system
aaah... south america?
For future reference
next generation will be really good
That do amazing things
it'll be a thing from now on
Allow me to chat about anything and provide human like responses
so it can be used
How do I make a discord server?
sack of ol tatters
sad to hear that, isi
idk... isn't that a bit insane?
now he is going to give a productive quote on command
and it's **all my fault** that i don't get a girl in hamburg
So a public db for infrastructure and a local private db
Wenn uns dein Vortrag überzeugt, erhältst du einen regulären Speaker-Slot auf der JavaLand 2020.
click on the big plus sign
i think i'll stream on youtube
By having the only copy of its db locally then I have privacy
why do you need privacy
we need a knowledge DB for this which i'm making rn
Wir freuen uns, bald wieder von dir zu hören!
something is wrong in the state of Java
because it's impossible to develop in private
all DBs included
How do I add a bot to my server
we're making the cool stuff now
but as i said, we make the next generation anyway
how useful
no list of other applications
😅 picking up old tatters
i don't like this stuff
you can already store any info on
And i saw like 12 pongs
hehe eezee
or no, it is the perfect place
My concern is peivacy
i don't like privacy
OTOH it doesn't seem fail-safe on youtube either

you can chat to it in private
Sry if i haven’t responded
im alive
it will not be deleted
Bots intrigue me
what game is it
private is lame

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