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get a boost in python know how? even if it's just little? <@267468623935700992>?
the ruby library called brainz is very accessible for beginners like us
maybe that's why we was confused
i check all my servers
In python:
server byebug
so no obligations
<@!547706854680297473> dare to take the challange of arriving at 3rd place?
the overall goal is the same
Well i say heres a few good ones to impliment for python
Drago used to be active, for example
what's a command you would search for on open bot?
we can also wrap python into it
eezee remember 3 last messages
i can be downvoted
i might want to switch
how many fish is one sub?
already friday
The ability to print something to the screen, the ability to take input from the user, and the ability to do basic math
or also a japanese version of ƒ
num2 = input("give me another number")
32 GB for € 138
Screenshot VisualVM:
Download heap dump (383 MB compressed, 2.4 G uncompressed):
I'm looking for my Friday depression
console @raw_last_pipe.define_method(:compute) { input_variables.reduce(&:+) }
it has a lol pronouncation for german speakers 😄
hm, that's a weird error
console 4000 + 5000 + 3000
A lot of things
not that i mind his face
console define_singleton_method(:add_two_numbers) { |a, b| a.to_i + b.to_i }
Oh yeah so i could make programs in discord, I forgot about that
yeah i'll take world peace
You can buy chatbots on Fiverr.
wow has RAM gotten cheaper?
Let me think
i also implemented it in eeZee already
green ƒ
Who is <@!547706854680297473> server byebug?
sub trade?
1 active maybe once a month <@267468623935700992>
oh shit, they actually require proper case
probably that's what it is
haha "SO karma"
what's it computing?
console @raw_last_pipe.compute
not live atm
but some difference they should have
Interesting to see if there are any corellations
so it would be possible to train a Neural Network, that learns the rythm in which to take the pictures for the ocr
i dont care about so
1 active very, very rarely <@231070529384087553>
lad sie doch auf ein tf game ein
but there has to be a way for people with new channels to promote themselves
ah fuck it, i'll put it in there
die suppenküche ist meine family
You have been zuckerberged
console @last_raw_pipe = NeuralNetwork()
memba the time i was a memba?
opposite of eject?
seems like it
Is Manu typing these messages himself right now as a human server byebug?
ikea is closing in 20 minutes 😢
black memba
console raw_last_pipe
like, learning python quicker meaybe?
Honestly nothing
what do you want to calculate?
trade sub4sub
or now? confused
while others talk a lot, i understand the question and answer it 😄
lift off
whatever you want
oops, i commented on stackoverflow using your account
Here's a question.
console @raw_last_pipe.input_variables = [0, 2, 3]
sleeping with trump
do you have a github account?
who ist deine ikea family?
is something wrong with me?
and it's not like i don't use Discord
You can also do:
Add To Cart`
i can't even look at that
show red
TriviaFlashToday at 9:53 PM
you could change the idea slightly and make the subbing less mechanical
Btw you got the highest score

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