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i argued with a guy the other day who was shocked that i sold bots for cheap
that's my stance anyway
money is so weird, you have to laugh about it
50% for the lawyers, 50% for you guys
or investment
and the contracts would be actual customers?
So I'm building that now
ok so take pictures first
Our problem is we have no dataset, there is none available.
our solution is entirely based on machine yearning
It couldn't locate objects seen from above because I only had photos of them seen from the side / ground, lmao
But those were low-res shots from a prototype I hacked together that didn't even use Machine Learning or anything so :P
here's a shit screenshot from our great project
HW - SW solutions for automatic inspection of infrastructure, electric now in the first turn. Replacing camera men
confusing msg 😄
you shouldn't introduce them as shit screenshots maybe
i do remember
ah... YES
No secret. You remember those shit screenshots of the green rectangles around those utility poles and stuff from last year I posted? It's...
or is it secret
what's the startup about
james cameron lived entirely on 1$ bigmacs for a while
so many ppl who are now successful used to be broke af
Because we're getting contracts. Things just take forever to start
welcome to the club
We're broke tho
that sounds nice
It's a startup I'm in, overlapping with my own interests sort of, so I just sit late sometimes. 😅
8 hours are insanity
that's more human
- 3, to 6 +
-2 hours.
Heh, more like 10 +
Heh, more like 10 +/- 3, to 6 +/-2 hours.
so 9 to 5 also
In my spare-time, yeah, kinda several things but nothing AI / ML, that comes later. Trying to organize crap on my machine to make jugglin...
are you working on anything atm? <@212618015651528704>
and we can optimize it, it kind of wastes bandwidth
still nothing to worry about
monthly traffic estimate for the radio bot server is ~.5 TB
yeah little projects are great
Little side-projects can be helpful as breaks from the big ones. Building up motivation / energy for later
a few bots are very operational
maybe i should finally make a web page listing the products
"swarm ai" and "the swamp"
nothing happening there yet though
i have two such discords
Funny. Imagining a server full of activity, but they're really just all bots
so two can enter an endless loop
but to each other
ok so the bots don't react to themselves
days end of year
Very eager to tell the amount of days
Oh same, being broke is fun.
79 days till end of year
!eval daysUntilEndOfYear()
but i still believe that this year will bring important progress
ofc money has run out again too
other days all can do is watch videos
some days, full power
this motivation thing is weird
Was here last year when you were in the Human-level AI server at that time.
from another dimension
from the void
From memory.
nice nickname
did you come from the agi list?
a little bot here, a little bot there
use cases
coops are inspiring
i think i need more coops to move forward
at least some response
Gazelle, who's
i have like empty batteries
So what's new?
Welcome <@212618015651528704>!

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