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i tried /tts
!safe-eval 2 + 2
!safe-eval "why" + "dis" + "no" + "work"
!eval reversed("kcalb ton er'uoy")
yeah where is gud guy wolfram
Can I be like a hacker liek u guys?
∫6, 10 ƒ(x) = 10 + 10x
<@!547706854680297473> can you enable eeZee here shortly?
How longs urpp
!safe-eval "te" "st"
what's up with gazelle
ich liebe hitler
see, not working
Can u chill?
it's called mongoose.c
whats eval
!safe-eval why dis no work
Imagine being a faggot who cant even use variables properly lmao
∫-234234, 2000 ƒ(x) = 234234234 + 234234234 - x^5 + 234234234234x
you might want to put one there
As an African American I'm very offended
it evaluates _an expression
so you have all the requisites
heyhey @こんにちは#0709
your pic looks nerdy already
who's disrespecting who?
!eval putYourPPInTheCoochie();
whoever made gazelle
which highschool was that? <@158351154194022400>
most of the members
guys, guess what i found when strolling the woods tonight
!safe-eval "i'm a hacker b0iiiii"
this is broken guys
yes <@463778175432785932>
<@!547706854680297473> you'll add the Wolfram bot?
personal question
∫2,3 ƒ(x) = 200x + 200
just so i can stop obsessing over it
takes a few days or something
pretty short
i also needed to do it
tbh as long as ur bot does what its description says, and complies with their guidelines u get accepted
oh... in fact i don't have 2fa
short is good
<@463778175432785932> can you ask them quickly how long the bot review queue is?
i was hurrying up implementing the change an hour ago... didn't have to i guess -D
logging in is hard 😂
-open add evaluate javascript
∫200,-20ƒ(x) = -10x+ -10
"new login location detected, check your e-mail" <@463778175432785932>
that's the only thing i want to know rn
took 10 days for mine
gbot: adorable kittens
i know but i want to get a ballpark number <@473469567323078676>
u have no roles, so ur not blocked
i got a simple math question
like 1,2 hrs ago
∫-234234, 2000 ƒ(x) = 234234234x + 234234234
its just this
i can pm you my log in details
around a month ago
-open music play hardstyle mix
"dont like english? DELETE LANGUAGE"
"the phone number was recently used on a different account"
-open eval CacheCommands.length
what up
-open bash cd /srv/http/Beta;git checkout efc3a0a
ok i'll work on other stuff in the meantime
screw u
about a week
264kb seem a lot
10 days is a ballpark
-open bash cd /srv/http/Beta;git checkout master
oh, could you ask this maybe? <@473469567323078676>
or whatever they require
thats all of openbots commands total size 😃
ah, there is a "certified" level
i've posted there before
yeah i hope so
∫-234234,234234234(x) = 234234234x - 234234234
ah... i'm using ace.js
you said a library failed you
-open bash cd /srv/http/Beta;git pull origin/master
damn it lemon
they ping u when its done
im cracking myself up with this button
∫-234234,234234234 ƒ(x) = 234234234x - 234234234
my growth strat is in peril
i fixed it tho
-x^2, x is 20: what would that be for you guys?
love it
a week is so long in internet terms, haha
they did
(coefficient_1.to_f / 2) * ($2.to_f*$2.to_f) + (coefficient_2.to_f * $2.to_f)
it would really be nice to get this queue shorter
no way would i code this fancy text box myself 😂
raw AJAX is pain

7 ms