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man i'm thirsty for a vegan burger from mcd
how smart does want to get?
sketch designs -> vue app ai
then i'll grab the wav from an url in t he webhook
the url can't be changed for now though
and that other thing
nice url
hong kong
or whatever is easiest for you
buying amazon
nullla problema
we'll fix that when necessary
it should call your server
we have google speech recognition in the app
man i'm sick of this endless loop of coding things
it's an android api
hamburg is too stupid though
no more longer
+ qanda and
stupid western society
where do we want to go, what is this project
i think it's stupid to wait for your own death
selling mixer 😄
don't u see it all converging?
what color do you want your tesla?
or mp3
the soup kitchen is starting to annoy me
twitch startup hell is already converging
and jump
what kind of audio are you sending to gsr?
virtual reality
if you want to add functionality to the android app, that's nice
we shape the whole world as we see fit
idc, i care about principle of least resistence
sorry if i set up up with the wav 😄
ok i actually set it up
now jump
ezii is converged today basically
maybe you shouldn't mix in the impossible with the possible
ok, but i want to use both
when are we finally getting somewhere
it's ok
albeit an attractive one 😄
and people working 24/7
i'll go, eat and get out
the impossible burger
ok, how about posting messages into a designated channel here?
ok the code for adding an assistant action is pretty easy:
so we could have a webhook like with eezee
which works better than anyway
i feel sorry
that i kille
i wrote with a founder of them today
now i understand
i just killed a bunch of ants
life forever somehow
but maybe less
permissions, obviously
this needs to be set up properly
this way it's also easier to monitor
i feel like i could'vee been an ant
few months probably
you only get app messages starting with "eezee" for now
you don't see the eezee idea at all?
it'll end soon
is that a god-inspired message?
makes you sound a bit confused
and generally iframese? 😄
i don't have wavs in the app and i don't care about them
if what you say is true it shall inspire me
webhook(new voice signal) -> {url1: text by javax via google, url2: wav}
i'm sober since 5 months, no one could even bring the argument that i'm too high 😄
for ezii inc ? 😄
with channelID=app?
and shots
link the app to the web service to the chat to bla bla bla...
i recorded an mp4 via quicktime earlier and then converted it to wav on the web, downloaded, then posted it to via curl 😄
ezii robots
it's all built in
and this whole thing will convergee
the app uses google speech recognition
i can use eezee's callback url for the app too
ezii cars
and if by age
forgetting money
just a few days
you can type "eezee test" in the app
buying twitch

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