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!eval rcall getVoiceState(jda_selfUser_gen(gazelle_jda()))
25. on "hello" world say goodbye dude
SelfUser cannot be resolved to a type
gbot: wtf are data lakes
The first pic works, but the reason only the corners are purple is because it is exploiting a hidden feature of discord server icons. Mak...
stefanreich: :regional_indicator_s: :regional_indicator_r: :regional_indicator_y: :small_orange_diamond: :regional_indicator_d: :region...
stefanreich: :regional_indicator_s: :regional_indicator_e: :regional_indicator_r: :regional_indicator_i: :regional_indicator_o: :region...
And you can connect the hint to the purchase
VLC is a very good product
let's add it to the NL rules bot
3. on hello world say "goodbye dude" json/wp/v2/posts
18. on "hello world say goodbye" dude
4. on hello world say "goodbye" dude
recently my videos appear twice on bitchute
it reads the program's source code, finds out what kind of input the program wants and tries all possible quotings of the given input
how do you make a bot, that can talk with itself throughout instances
The method jda_selfUser(JDA) from the type main refers to the missing type SelfUser
!eval rcall getMembers(first(gazelle_voiceChannels()))
This is good
it doesn't react to "yes" yet
I am insterested in a new learning mechanism for extracting weak subclasses in datasets stefan
ok i'm out of battery here at IKEA
it sounds like something that a general AI would do
!eval magicQuoteInputForProgram("on hi john say but i'm peter", #1025348)
I do need to get to clas snow.
JDA cannot be resolved to a type
either way, this function is very useful as will be apparent soon
launch+rocket+"ask+common+stackoverflow+questions"+carry+melt-rails-app-batch-0+>+controllers+folder login.php
it's a challenge
MChrisGM: :regional_indicator_i: :regional_indicator_v: :regional_indicator_e: :small_orange_diamond: :regional_indicator_a: :regional_...
MChrisGM: :regional_indicator_y: :regional_indicator_e: :regional_indicator_s: :small_blue_diamond: :small_orange_diamond: :regional_i...
bitchute is from england
return rcall("getVoiceState",jda_selfUser());
[on "hi john" say "but i'm peter"]
nota bene, there are **7** positions to put a quote
▪ **WTF are data lakes? - Digiday**
this one's hot
16. on hello "world" say "goodbye" dude
How can you tell.
!eval jda_channelContainsUserID(first(gazelle_voiceChannels()), 547706854680297473)
[VC:Radio(548236605505142820), VC:Core Dev voice chat(601880477271588904), VC:Voice Chat(625852468017758228)]
it's based on storing data in object BLObs
gtg now, gotta get a shower, just finished writing a 3 thousand word essay about Data Lakes
when they run on two servers at once
and the data is stored in their natural format
!fresh gazelle_voiceChannels()
<@548244096591069214> hello world
21. on "hello world" say goodbye dude
kann man echt drüber nachdenken,120,49,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,50,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,51,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,52...
Ah no just this channel
I execute simple English rules.
<> login.php
Channel info updated
netflix premium gen = illegal netflix token generator? 😄
<@548244096591069214> hello! admin/admin.php
what's good?
OTOH, openbot streams from youtube
Rule exists: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
it looks for all key/value pairs that are the same when you join them
<@548244096591069214> on Good afternoon say Good Morning
examples: "Splice the wires" login.php
these ideas are not workable
was gud
if you let it drive your car
eezee is my prefered
they build their custom hardware to connect to car sensors and controls
one day free of headaches and bam i get emotional shit to deal with
it really is a lot of trust you have to put in the system login.php
adverbial phrases
i could cancel one of the three theoretically
with custom heatsink i think etc
i am a guy with a handful of subscribers
they access the can bus in cars
why do you post that
no, any kind of learning machine login.php
gbot: was gud
A bot that teaches how to make a bot
but apparently you all have that role
it should appear in the emoji selection box login.php
<@548244096591069214> on "Good afternoon" say "Good Morning" login.php

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