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maybe someone still has one
what's the bot supposed to do
on the lowest level it's just additions and multiplications
Hey <@480682443037343744>, can't you answer?
{"_text"=>"it used to be more introverted", "entities"=>{"search_query"=>[{"suggested"=>true, "confidence"=>0.93726, "value"=>"introverte...
<@612693512596750356> help
is what i say
if that makes me bannable 😄
he's having that 2 days out of every week
nice try
I havent added features yet
show `rm -rf`
up goes well with him
i dont care
where is <@606230995376799746>
blubbi #1
reellee haard
blubbi #3
whatever goes away, the spot opens up for other people
Well at least one stayed
{"_text"=>"🍮", "entities"=>{"search_query"=>[{"suggested"=>true, "confidence"=>0.93743, "value"=>"🍮", "type"=>"value"}]}, "msg_id"=>"1b...
Lol the bots
is this the new gazelle or what
one guy actually paid me €1k to make a bot
that's what he said repeatedly
turn it around, dummie!
there is a simple logic here... when the guy who says he is my only friend/user/whatever goes away, the spot opens up for other people
why did u guys split
nvm i'm sure you know what you're doing
man the eternal fight with audio quality
the bot is a real fan
Nah its cool
but compelling ones to not do it
hmm. don't have honey, don't like whiskey
i am sixk too
this audio is fucked damn up
sure you want to read all rellevant news? 😄
the video gives me shivers every known/assetlinks.json
i made a great video
wow i'm a yourself now?
ruby is an expensive languages
Yes, it can be difficult when there is justification both ways
sounds like a negative credo to me
ah krass
GDPR, global data-privacy laws: <@202448191663243264>, please note, that we store every line you'll post here and posted here probably on...
GDPR, global data-privacy laws: <@480682443037343744>, please note, that we store every line you'll post here and posted here probably on...
server overload again
blubbi #2
we should start punishing bots if they are to our disliking
i have entered the absolutely-no-money section of the money
wow giraffe even greets bots
probably a ball
overall 1.5 years maybe
no one chatting
you're sick though?
this is now a lemonandroid free project
or use shell
Like ide and such oh okay
Ice cream?
What gazelle said
there aren't any sides either
maybe he is having a break down
what do you want to test?
thank god this poverty month is half over
I would say good morning
show `man telnet`
some rule on discord bot list are a bit weird: "Bots may not list all servers they are in."
Let's really get him out of here
after the cops thing (it was a "joke" he later said) it was really over
see, i'm laughing hard again with you
show `say i will only say healthy and wholesome sentences`
spielst du ein instrument? <@!547706854680297473>
Jesus you're disgusting
it's in my own programming language though
Why am I failiing then lol
now it should work
so there is something in lemon that screams "ban me"
What sucks worst
it reads from there and stores in there
there are a LOT of things you can do with an ip and system info
*frown* no bot reply
yeah one sec
aber nur über Rocksmith
<@335848792157061121>, how tall are you?
A family of 7
<@449991596130304020>, how tall are you?
so Jaca
i like swimming
I hear you have a position open for "your only user"
I am supporting a country far far away
it's just hard to break up with people too, that's what dragged me down this weekend
{"_text"=>"hey", "entities"=>{"search_query"=>[{"suggested"=>true, "confidence"=>0.93807, "value"=>"hey", "type"=>"value"}]}, "msg_id"=>"...
Gbot: Tage wie gebrochene Akkorde
3 takes with 3 different sound adapters
<@270024020076789760>, how tall are you?
my new idea is cool

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