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see, not working
<@473469567323078676> how many commands?
yeah but it doesn't matter
-open bash cd /srv/http/Beta;git pull origin/master
!safe-eval foo
if i have issues like that, the bot is unsafe anyway
(coefficient_1.to_f / 2) * ($2.to_f*$2.to_f) + (coefficient_2.to_f * $2.to_f)
you might want to put one there
Stefan how bigis ur pp
ich liebe hitler
if ur bot overloads system ram as nonroot ur bot will freeze but server survives
!safe-eval 2 + 2
how many
what up
Asking for my gf
nothing, obviously
∫-234234,234234234(x) = 234234234x - 234234234
i'll steal the wolfram logo, so we can use it for the bot
-open eval CacheCommands.length
most of the members
i fixed it tho
First of all
Ofc we went to the same highschool
pls responde
you need to know some Java(X).. bruh
ok thx
what up <@572764919100080130>
shut up everyone i'm trying to make a bot for lemon
it evaluates _an expression
Liek basically yes
do we know each other? <@158351154194022400>
tbh as long as ur bot does what its description says, and complies with their guidelines u get accepted
raw AJAX is pain
∫200,-20ƒ(x) = -10x+ -10
∫-234234, 2000 ƒ(x) = 234234234 + 234234234 - x^5 + 234234234234x
not even relating to eval stuff
what library was it you mentioned earlier? <@473469567323078676>
Eval is liek a type of food lmao
∫-234234, 2000 ƒ(x) = 234234234x - 234234234
oh damnn
it's called mongoose.c
gbot: adorable kittens
love the vibe n synergy
how about... "WolframFu"
it would really be nice to get this queue shorter
do you even wolf ram
we actually cleaned up almost all the test accounts
Can u chill?
My naemjeff lmaao
!eval -pow(20, 2)
!safe-eval why dis no work
what does just !eval do
gbot: bruh
i am 500 miles away from where i was last week
yeah you can be a hacker
i can't do it when i'm laughing
or WolfRam
i tried /tts
i want to use it to verify the math functions i implement for eezee
is liek some **really cool** way of saying "like"?
∫-234234,234234234 ƒ(x) = 234234234x - 234234234
not works
great potential for hackz0rs
a pack of unused condoms
so you have all the requisites
"dont like english? DELETE LANGUAGE"
idk what qualifies as a picture for you
library for?
but it just shows the msg normally
thats all of openbots commands total size 😃
∫-234234, 2000 ƒ(x) = 234234234x + 234234234
why? <@572764919100080130>
Can I be like a hacker liek u guys?
My gf needs to knoe
∫2,3 ƒ(x) = 200x + 200
consider gay
!safe-eval c
!safe-eval "i'm a hacker b0iiiii"
i got a simple math question
which highschool was that? <@158351154194022400>
yes <@463778175432785932>
probably hard
why do u run ur bot as root
my member size is fine, thanks
my growth strat is in peril
screw u
thats going to cause u issues
you said a library failed you
-open add evaluate javascript
because it's convenient
your pic looks nerdy already
what are you guys talking about
security first!
could involve amazon mturk
looks empty though
i wonder what country the band is from
really? didn't know that
"new login location detected, check your e-mail" <@463778175432785932>

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