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(i'm making some)
Will be the same as mee6 but it still have premium you don't have to pay for it
cuz dev doesnt have enoguh traffic to trigger it means...
ok the msg is ugly
for long term you might choose a better name 😄
yes thats a full stack trace, not just the top layer
oh also it only happens in production
Takes two to make you feel complete needs love to come your way.
>"How does that happen?"
haha, germany?
That's why I'm getting help
yeah its unlimited
want the role?
<:tickYes:315009125694177281> <a:veryfastpats:585885296001024029>
<@!346830778774323200> what can we do for you?
it was a wii game i think
i had almost figured out how to implement it
i'm reading the rejections
it means it has one port with 100 mbit
cuz it would crash
there you go
i had a problem with openbot where the number of sockets would keep going up
and broke everything
yeah it depends on how/if he wants to code
definitely sounds like C++ 😄
i use netcup and another hoster
if u pressed one specific button right before (i dont remember what)
>"That doesnt happen on my machine!"
well, yeah, for now that'll do
post an invite
if you like, that'd be cool
we need that
it would reach 4000 within a few minutes
I don't even know how to code
Mute | Case #20915
do you want to code a bot or just use it?
if you played the entire game from start to there in one session without saving quitting and reentering
and i dont remember an alpha wolf
eh either way it works xd
we don't have read-your-mind bot
can confirm, undefined behavior is the worst
<@!346830778774323200> do you know how to create a discord bot token?
No-one else is out there ‘cause your love is on my heels.
<@591697464524931072> new bot for <@!346830778774323200>
move to
you want a slim bot that just says "hey" for now on your server?
...where nothing is happening
so physical port? thats deceiving o.0
...core dev...
it's more obligation-heavy atm
you just send a private message with that token to our bot <@591697464524931072>
-open add execute bash script
good 2 know
"the council of devs will decide your fate"
that also entails being willing to write custom code for others ofc
they're not implemented yet
and it was from ONE BIT of undefined behaviour
so do you have a discord server or no?
so a v-server?
sounds weird though
website should be super fast for u 😂
not only is it cheap, their support is awesome
and the stack trace
the bot that is always offended
and they had a bug where the game would crash
privileges are probably having more freedom when requesting new features from other core devs
it's more like it's the other way around
it was such a pain tho
>"Nah that cant happen!"
at a specific cutscene
so much movement
oh. levenshtein distance with character swaps is already a thing.
where the bit would be 1 and work fine
good for him
and crash
It’s like the world can’t pin me down my life is on the move.
here is how helpfull the error and stack trace were in my socket problem
lots of obligations
and i had to systematically comment out parts of my code to figure out what was going on
did you find the problem?
Keine Volumengrenze, keine Drosselung
it's for people we like
>Client reports error
What should we name the bot
Our minds are fused together but I don’t mind and nor do you.
none of mine
but it works
css does strange stuff Ep 420
<@!547706854680297473> pls help
oh, there is one thing i have to add to gbot... the variables need to be server-specific
most oblivous thing for CoreDev role: You'll get access to our private channels
was Movement#[someothernumbersnotmine]
what does being core dev entail
so do you have a discord server or not?
we might make code for you
maybe mee2?
ah doesn't work

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