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because of network latency etc
(say yes because i'm the boss)
talk to support
you get mails when the address is not a registered paypal address
saw a tweet by ChrisSeaton very lately
nothing major
Ive never seen it before
-> yes
32 GB for € 138
has anyone bought but me?
black mamba
I dont know much about machine learning
write a command to eeZee and i'll try implementing it
last year there were already ~40 eur of me stuck in paypal
i also implemented it in eeZee already
what do you want to do with NN? <@267468623935700992>
console define_singleton_method(:add_two_numbers) { |a, b| a.to_i + b.to_i }
hey liebe ikea-kunden
for TruffleRuby
like, you sub only when you like or smth
Im on windows
<@267468623935700992> any idea?
like auto-kicking anyone who utters a French word
<@231070529384087553> it was more of a compliment
memba the time i was a memba?
Oh the discord thing is not a bug
Nicht verpassen! 2.000 Euro Urlaubsgeld gewinnen.
do you think "I mean... really" is a good bug description?
Im assuming that eezee would ask the user to give it an input, user would type something, and it would use it for the program
die suppenküche ist meine family
Honestly nothing
that i got money
however, what do you want to calculate?
it has a price
@TriviaFlashhisbot: Is there an AI for transcriping voice from a twitch clip easily?
Networks of concepts
please do that, let's make sure it works
-Open Search clone LemonAndroid/eezee1 to random name and open it on
Please advise.`
stefan reichToday at 10:19 PM
lol 😄
God I'm depressed today
and it's not like i don't use Discord
we could sell this bot to oracle
well you do you
i've found JDK bugs before
I see. Im just interested in seeing what they're capable of
is \<@599426196647706645> ejected?
it makes <@599426196647706645> stop responding
console @last_raw_pipe = NeuralNetwork()
1 active very, very rarely <@231070529384087553>
or also a japanese version of ƒ
so it would be possible to train a Neural Network, that learns the rythm in which to take the pictures for the ocr
frooom a distance
Heres an example of something I was thinking about last night
Hey guys, sorry for not being around lately. Im putting a lot of focus on learning python rn
black memba
frikadelle is not in the db? weak
aperterium translate last message
console 4000 + 5000 + 3000
i'd suppose you'd have more fun developing eezee together with me
Drago used to be active, for example
Idk I don't care about NN
what's your fish?
i didn't get your money either
if it transfers to mars images...
he has already offered cool things like making a video
on twitch?
lad sie doch auf ein tf game ein
so no obligations
eezee probe 5s
i'd really recommend starting with that
you know the triviaflash game?
but the rythm of the questions will vary
they are comparing integers and floats across ruby versions
ah, it's the old undo problem
<@267468623935700992> you still want to be a part of this enterprise?
how would you like to use python via eezee?
Yeah there are, but if you were trying to make a bot that people could learn to code with, learning to make a calculator is a great way t...
eezee probe 5s
eezee member you know you can put links in < > to suppress fetching jamie's face
ikea is closing in 20 minutes 😢
my bug report
print("Give me two numbers to add: ")
learn eeZee
it's something in swing
oh shit, they actually require proper case
print(int(num1) + int(num2)
the ruby library called brainz is very accessible for beginners like us
!eval apertium_de2en("fisch frikadelle")
finishing the next sale for qanda hints
like, learning python quicker meaybe?
2 active
any twitch chats you're watching <@267468623935700992>?
console 3000 + 2342 will now have...

29 ms