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those are the worst
but it doesn't ping
is a facebook company?
-Open Search New
i dont hate him
like uber eats for activities
the slowness is killing me
went from $20 -> $60 / hr freelancing
do you want to transmit huge files
whaaaazup in this world
ok so u know how i feel
he can give me $60 or im not doing it
non-coders think coding is easy
thats us
Android web server proejct?
lemonandroid: you can easily paint on hardware
_uses the word *server* incorrect in scrum_
its $40-60/hr for USA
it's possible
it is related but they are different
i think i will basically live from donations
i get metrics for profile visits
i was talking about age
yeah, like super-easy
two phones can't talk to each other directly
i should upload file to server
and sometimes i play video games
a guy i know is getting paid $20,000 for 3 months of work for React, Redux, Gatsby tech
33,33 $
😄 sunlight is great 😎
whats market rates for freelancing in germany
we dont need much to live :3
go your own way
i mean... **60**, lol
intuition is an intrinsic idea of the idea of a human
that's the hard reality
call it sale
well we are programmers
can we like get this conversation over with?
so you'll want to keep the data "legal"
ever? every day
that's right
ok legality is not a problem he said
sleeping is art!
have you ever had someone try to take advantage of you financially?
these are the basic questions
the difference between us and people who have no technical experience is that they can not do what we do
i thought you thought it was dollars
lemonandroid: at least not so, that it sticks`
no what i want to do
where is he
so no new risk there
then left
i'll go to the gas station now
oh no HAHA
i hate you but i like what you do (?)
how to achieve it
just **SUNLIGHT**
look at this chart from 2001
thanks <@!547706854680297473> for your interest
im rantijng
sure but what i want to do is keep files on phones and not upload it
Every(thing/human/energy/table) needs to feel good
Aydan just wrote "<#591040800910213120>"
do you know people who, whenever you meet them, tell you about some catastrophes?
sorry for long thinking
"report" about some crazy person
what is
someone's always screwing them, making them poor or hungry or whatever
even though X hours of sleep
i have android 😉 wanna CoLLaBS?
pls watch to become millionaire
and you want it to serve a web site
i thought of it as a sample so far
which is what did, did it not?
i guess rates were lower back then
Google has some magic to detect search+engines Im sure I never declared agi blue as a search
$60 is high though 😄
monthly goal for our company is to have a 0 cash flow
he was bluffing on the phone about how he knew people
how much do i get?
_fuck the internets_
so you don't believe in his company
it just pisses me off because this guy is a sack of shit and thinks he can persuade me to take lower
i'm for early independence anyway
they're firewalled
HEHEHEHE i wont spam
ok about sharing file idea
but that is mean
you _need_ to go through a server
heck **6**
is it for many users
welcome <@606922545152655366> !!! 😄
i invited a guy to come here
unless you host on your home machine
everyone mute?
and traffic might not be free
unless on WLAN

25 ms