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spiffy kooky? 😄
just i don't want to do them
integral[x=1,3] (5x+5) dx
can't wait

∫1,3 ƒ(x) = 5x + 5
I want my chicks for free
how do you write a c program?
"this sentence" and "power word" would make useful power words in that sentence
is weird a power word?
no 😄
olive oil
i wish i still had my telekom contract
yeah this works gr8
Magenta Mobil XL
or achievement of asi
there they are <@!547706854680297473>
show me fro you
We did some heavy editing to the server recently. Does the server seem well organized?
my internet is my biggest problem
you act like 13
like he knows he wasnt supposed to do this
More then 0
!eval gazelle_channelID()
didn't know either
Andre Koppel Software GmbH
why not
It should be a webserver, not a program
wir könnten eezee auf den hauptserver umziehen, dann hat er auch gleich einen webserver
a very boring slice
Trusted Test Bot
very good
`Yo everyone,
doesn't hit home buddy
well here u have core dev role which has perms
-open music sotp
good luck finding sleep
i was very toxic
it's 3:28 am here
<@591697464524931072> oh, wow, you're 15?
a proper sentence
i don't get this concept 😄
i don't understand
No meetups right now because Hamburg just doesn't listen to me. Open for ideas though.
Thats pretty cool
theres an age limit on neural nets?
or was that a joke? 😄
einfach random, oder? ich generiere eins
yes... it is _one form_ of a pattern finder
show source
and baguette
ach so, falscher channel
Yo lemon
our vodafone is _usually_ stable
i am not 100% sure myself why i feel that strongly about neural nets
ja sollte man mal machen
roles are pain
yeah, eventually one day
something like that
does this mean im breaking the law? cuz im 15 and i coded a neural net once ;-;
Mother chode means mother fucker in Hindi
yeah, it's a bit of spaghetti-rhetoric
<@473469567323078676> i left forever
but if i learned something from ice poseidon, it's that marketing can be great publicity
>> http;// <<
admin-only channels?
or maybe the code you deploy do the thing you think it is what you think isn't running in the way you think it runs?
great sometimes, unreliable other times, sometimes even very unsafe
Same as last time
hi 14, im dad
worst case scenario u can log in in a week or so when beta site gets pushed to production
now you can
i wasnt born
a pound of cheap bread, i guess. then what?
dub dik dublubulub dik
and the brain is just a normal smartphone?
eposide 8 = eposide 6 with different characters
but i do think there is a reason
don't worry, i'll only do it when we have a replacement
that sucks
android app, right?
sometimes gazelle is very difficult to predict 😄
I thought rythm just picked the first one
we should use the main 12 GB server more
i am a human
gifs in discord won't load
could we make an age-restricted channel for this server?
what's the purpose?
The server logo looks cool on the lock screen
We're both lucky
no idea what
!safe-eval gazelle_channelID()
hat gute werbung auf quora gemacht 😄
that will be €50 for one hour of work
which ones?
The cute robot!

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