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doesn't really make it better right now though
you know PIP?
life is extremely incomplete right now
i don't even have an e- scooter
Monika Meisenheimer
i like to say i'm a completionist
lilke mozart in hip hop
yeah but some complaining sucks in itself
i lilke mashups and remixes from older songs
i mean it to be complete
downright impossible
i'm not
matching or exceeding the quality of existing ones?
it kinda sucks
"Monika, we don't have any problem with you anymore"
because he still doesn't seem to let me alone
haha, no
it's not a bad picture
well that's a cute thought
and so certain of herself
"Monika you're the best employee we have atm"
with him i can't so i am angry
he sends you his compliments
he is full of lies sadly
maybe you are saving up your laughin energy with him
we live it
i mean, it's real
big problem
"Monika, we have an ULTRA LARGE PROBLEM with you"
he looks like a koksgerät
but first we put them on PIP
haha, but for a completionist idea of your life you should've experienced that time where you didn't have that and wanted it
for a big burst
it is an experience
lol gazelle is reallly excelling
like a hedonandroid
i'm calling you on behalf of mr. reich
i also rarely listen to music from ealier
just sned the first 50 chars
people can
you are in some lofty area unrelated to life
in discord, a message can have multiple lines
when children run around with guns in africa, it is just not peaceful
how do i use it
yes i know
switch domain <@599426196647706645>
messages can have multiple lines
Doom is fun because there are medpacks
just a raw tcp interface?
wir hätten dir helfen können!
50 chars doesn't seem smart
then i'm for it
i want to figure out how the ruby drb interface works
that allow a "respawn"
turn of <@599426196647706645>
multiple lines
don't tell me i have to one-side-close the socket
lol gazelle showers
i want to start with simple stuff like sending "test"
carriage return
gazelle, show me PENETRATION
In reality there are no medpacks
are you shopping? <@463778175432785932>
side one: yes, i could, you would like, it would bring peace in our relationship
if we need weapons, we need non-lethal weapons
first we take manhattan...
with andrzej, i haven't laughed since december
i was showering
One connection per line?
tasers don't look peaceful tho as well
i can either be peaceful or unpeaceful
is the socket interface ready? <@463778175432785932>
ok 😃
another joinleave?
how would you know when the message ends
what the chat user enters
i also want a tool for pentesting
wir hätten dir helfen können?
give me the addr again?
We have to accept a few error messages
Yeah sure
I'm shopping and don't have the login here 😀
where are you shopping?
just plain text
priest or bishop slapping someone who kisses his hand
no urlencode or json
Keine ahnung
like sending "ping" at some new startups tcp ports 😄
do i have to say it some more times?
Do we have pep? *drools*
ah ok, i get it
oh god. zuckerberg thinks roman emperors brought peace
you can read it on my home page without a log in
maybe not everything has two sides is a side of "everything has two sides"
even that has two sides

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