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he ran the meetup
by having slice that calculate things when asked
i'm cleaning the server
(Please tell me that was correct)
also was a thing once
i'm very control freak like when it comes to my public persona
munich lever leaves me alone
sometimes i'm really awake
or discord you
it does
new server works ❤
also good
new subdomain?
i still prefer free marketing
it goes beyond what we can understand
gazelle actually compiles things upon receiving the first message
i want to get my natural db running again
did you read it?
i find i look a bit like mark zuckerberg in this pic
i'll mail you the PW
ain't that nice
Patch the jar
a gem
back when docker was still fresh
Was it?
ah, forget heroku
in my coordinates
i don't think they want to change it :d
late nate?
i'm thinking google sign-in is a good approach for
oh, i forgot to copy JavaX-Secret
not symetrical
since years
❤ computers
they do shit for me
new server ordered 😃
on my right is the friend who operates the resort near nha trang
cocrapping is work
how is it possible to patch the jar?
soon i'll be in front of you <@!547706854680297473>
Forward them my contact, I'll do it
my AI handled it
me being all time bit leader on startup streams already worked twice
yeah i have variations too
i mean, that's the pinnacle
and moving the services
i wasn't sure why you of course stay up after 2am
It’s um 1:34 AM
i think the server is ready
not sure i see that
can you host a postgres instance on it and give me the postgres:// url?
busy late night
gazelle, show me guuey berlin
like making libs work etc
i don't care about having monetary power individually anymore
in uke
you still stay up? <@463778175432785932>
not us def
making a language is really fun
<@417039456105922560> how about your bot?
vietnam as a synonym for vietnam war... yeah well, if you mean
Nah... I can move gazelle and give you root on her server
then it acts as both a cache and a log
depends on what is happening to me
might be someone who doesn't even know Tatsumaki 😄
“Discord you” never heard that becore
busy l8 n8
grökaz / means / größte KI aller zeiten
how biocycles work
"Shut up" is a phrase, gazelle
can you spot me?
slice "String mangling" {
i'm adding a slice { } construct
gazelle, show me work saigon
need anything from my side?
don't care
this is becoming a good language
serving the movices
Yeah that's why JavaX ships as source code
l8r sk8er
like a servr is the same comfort as heroku 😄
coworking is crap
You can use a library to just change the constant in the class file
it's stupid to force oneself into a 9 to 5 rythm
<@417039456105922560> how often do i have to ask? 😄
welcome <@290435226784497664>
oh, the image just came late
she's compiling herself
i need 12k more bits to be all time bits leader on dowright
you expose yourself a lot though
It should be a support ticker-free server 😄
eezee probe is a tool to get small samples of data from the resource specified by the user
is it in saigon?
the black hole causes a lot of confusion
i mean, ultimately, we should get away from google 😄
i even updated the docs immediately
maybe there is something i don't know
you're back gazelle

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