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i generated so many
we should mark this channel nsfw
i think a delete function would be useful for too 😄
but the script shut down
sliples with trashes
with the new function
vegan food / is / tastiest
with slashes
I need accounts
you made those
!eval loadPage("" + hquery(query := [[
0:23 is pretty cool
i mean there is
so circumventing the terms of service, probably?
i do stink a bit
!safe-eval agiBlue_parseQueryScript("a/b/c")
With invites egal an accounts
that is actually AI-parseable
Im back
generate all the things
sheesh we have to train monkey to shut up
ah, we could have monkey store triples
oh, i do
funny video
it sounds illegal and stupid
if that's what you mean
right now nothing can be delete
love exists!
wow i created a whole language in a day
that's not a sentence
gbot: perfect in english
dude, what do you mean "generate netflix"
ok, i'm generating a bot for your server
GBot / is / a bot
where is it posting this time
!eval markSafe('agiBlue_parseQueryScript)
then some good came out of it
google doesn't know what a netflix spot is
$a / kind of / $c
Beacuse i have a server
Generator spoty minecraft roblox uplay
sent a mail to the AGI list with the latest blog post
No pubg
<@478887040390266881> wants to generate user accounts for various servers
Just a second
ALQL help
For my server
!eval markSafe('agiBlue_query)
Can you help me with a bot
i'm very good at generating them
<@463778175432785932>I need a generator bot that generates netflix spoty, etc
quite professional for a stream with one viewer
lol... are those natural?
ah, i see why
!safe-eval agiBlue_parseQueryScript("$a/$b/$c return $a")
I want a bot
the rest isn't there yet
yeah, why do you need the bot?
I need generate whatevere
okidoki, it works
can you generate a valid answer for <@!547706854680297473>'s question?
or actually i don't
gazelle, show me kid with spots
the whole heating broke
we might want to think about multi-line contents on
he probably wants user accounts
you listed games
you can put your invite in <#600410874594721793>
someone there posted this:
multi-line contents should be separate from the normal pages/keys/values
gbot: 3 results for what is a netflix spot
shoes / come / in pairs
if everything went fine here `Sending message from discord to dutchsinseofficial twitch channelSending message from discord to dutchsinse...
<@478887040390266881> that's my speciality
<@547706854680297473> I need a generator bot that generates netflix spots, etc
$y / is a / $x // find example
? generate what
hey twitch, you should check out botcompany dot de
gbot: what is a netflix spot
!eval 0+0
surely that's useful
what should it generate
gazelle, look up stingy
[[$a / is a / word from
and they're gone
but that's just the parsing
!eval loadPage("" + hquery(query := [[
ok, monkey should learn what is interesting information and what isn't
how can i try alql from within discord here?
now i generated all the netflix spots
it's true
a discord server?
I need a generator that generates netflix spots, etc
how much are you willing to pay?
drinkers / drink / beverages
otherwise we'll overwhelm the system with long strings
love / is / nice

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