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i want to reduce the effort in coding
serialized into compressed text files
and they get persisted in the background
just create instances of the class/concept
and then you already have a database
you write `concept User { String firstName, lastName; }`
what are "auto-persisting java objects"?
dlrow olleh
!eval reversed("hello world")
!eval reversed("hello")
it can even be evaluated safely
i turned practical at some point, as opposed to "academic"
lots of practical things
i have things like auto-persisting java objectgs
hey it's a sales pitch
easily extensible too
the transpiler is really fast... makes 1mb of source code in 2 seconds
yeah, "JavaX"
You made a language?
a master or two, lol
ok i'm not familiar with all the steps in the studies
I'll definitely do a master's or two. One in computational neuroscience/cognitive science/linguistics and one in artificial intelligence/...
i even have my own language that transpiles to java
no, undergraduate dissertation
on top of raw java
i create everything pretty much
Do you create all the tools you use?
oh, dissertation for the master, then
I'd like to do a PhD at some point but I'm pretty sure right now is not the time. I need to be in a better state mentally
want to use my own tools
i'm too independent
but the normal freelance jobs... nah
maybe there is something on upwork
I'm an undergraduate
And do you get money by free-lancing?
brain workers need to eat too
Sorry I went to get some food
what do you guys think of the cybertruck? 😄
what do you want to do when you have your PhD
business is tough 😄
minor customers here and there, not enough for rent
has to start now
i'm not really making money yet
some customers would be best
Is your start up still going?
and i can't just code on my own anymore
had only minor investments though
i quite google in 2009 and have been coding and preparing my startup since 2012 or whatever
idk, man... i'm looking for something/someone to jumpstart me
some legends on there
a mailing list
too much crackpottery
i just quite ben goertzel's AGI list
but AGI research is also interesting
but yes AI (not necessarily AGI) would be needed to carry it out
not even an AI
in the shape of an aI?
and then idealistically I would like to preserve as many of the world's languages as possible
yeah, the big mystery
and then applying it to multilingual NLP
understanding the processes that allow children to pick up languages so easily
that can definitely teach us things
the UK
I'm particularly interested in language acquisition in children as a research direction
where do you live
but maybe there are different subfields
That's more systems neuroscience
i thought they model brain cells
to model brain function
It's one of the goals of the field of computational neuroscience
what is your tool for observing the brain
That's what we're finding out
how do you observe them
how do you know what operations it carries out
I think we should model the operations and computations the brain carries out
I don't think we should model brain cells
i say we should replicate inner thought
some say we should model brain cells
but what does it mean in practice
i agree
the orangutan?
Nah, the brain
but it does check the phrases for consistency which is nice
I think we should learn from the one thing in the universe capable of understanding language
the chat bots i currently make rely on fairly simple matching... phrases plus levenshtein distances for typos
although I do struggle to grasp some of the concepts I have to understand
i believe in very smart rules expressed in english
I'm the opposite
Ah haha
even though i studied some math 🙂
and too many formulas scare me

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