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heyy <@606922545152655366>
where is he
just **SUNLIGHT**
so it's like a file-sharing app? <@606922545152655366>
_fuck the internets_
and mobile internet is always firewalled
yeah let's eat
no its a big joke
you seem skinny it might be true
so you write an app yourself, right
so you don't believe in his company
the company is cool, i like the other people and culture
you have to pay for any reliable server
someone will always have to pay for a server if you do this
and said
call it sale
complicated shit
how do you want to distribute the app
well we are programmers
sleeping is art!
i think i will basically live from donations
what i want to do like
i would like to support you in your Android web server project
im going to look out for myself
these are the basic questions
if you have choice you're in the strong position
thanks <@!547706854680297473> for your interest
it just pisses me off because this guy is a sack of shit and thinks he can persuade me to take lower
"report" about some crazy person
that's how the internet works... it's pretty unfair actually
app will generate url for it
hes looking out for himself
seems like you have some choice
no what i want to do
thats what we do, we learn nonstop and figure stuff out
i'm all for eating
u get it
i live in that feeling
you can't un-firewall android phones
in fact i do it daily
i guess rates were lower back then
the thing above is 100% TV level
cuz of the meme
unless you host on your home machine
do you want to transmit huge files
programmers learn on the job every day
i want him as a user
i basically sleep a lot
my friend
it is related but they are different
that basically i must not be passionate if i dont want equity
you don't eat?
i dont need equity to be passionate about his company
whatever you prefer ^^
to prevent upload files to global server
welcome <@606922545152655366> !!! 😄
i woudn't give much on stuff reported on TV
stay small -> medium
make an app have local server
and sometimes i play video games
and traffic might not be free
😄 sunlight is great 😎
a guy i know is getting paid $20,000 for 3 months of work for React, Redux, Gatsby tech
you mean peer-to-peer from phone to phone?
basically is what im saying
ok so u know how i feel
every passion should be rewarded!
have you ever had someone try to take advantage of you financially?
he wanted me to take **equity** in his small company
and sure i will have a global server that manage this connection
is it for many users
i do have choice
i dont believe in **him** 😃
i have some other potential leads i hope it works out
we need sleep + coffee
i invited a guy to come here
he said 'because im learning on the job,' i should basically be okay with taking a lower rate
no he said he wants to
as if that's interesting at all
how much do i get?
that's right
ever? every day
and you want it to serve a web site
you found it
i dont hate him
but he cant be trusted to treat me well and compensate me fairly
we dont need much to live :3
that sound related though
i hate you but i like what you do (?)
i have android 😉 wanna CoLLaBS?
it will take them forever to learn the basics of programming fundamentals and then ramp up to know the software and technology that he re...
its not that i dont believe in the company
so you absolutely need a proxy server
but my idea is
thats us
unless on WLAN
the company is offering me

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