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people can hat in our discord
also ende 2014 war ich zum ersten mal ai hyped
jay sankey sometimes makes videos where his face is bigger than the screen
or maybe as a discord javascript add on
i abuse goats
cool new webpage!
wtf auto-ich? 😄
gray box test passed ✅
weil "das unterbewusste" ist kein sehr gutes wort
der nutzer sagt: hä? und das system liefert die komplexe antwort
i think i managed to turn off updates
You just hate me :'(
but those companies completey suck, so... where to go?
eezee probe byte size
This one does issuea as well
launch rocket
und die byte size würde z.b. über alle probes gerechnet werden
das war um die zeit wo ich die eezi idee hatte:
like i could say "chat variable variable-identifier selectMessageFromDiscord" and wait for a message from you to use as the variable value
Jk your good
für mich war "eezee" aus benutzersicht
facebook, twitter, instagram, discord, linkedin all feeds somehow
Well maybe more like 10 hours
pasted into the development consolee
gazelle has the mapping
yeah 😄
that's great
<@599426196647706645> throw bomb
pass ball to @user
your metaphors are colliding and eating each other
<@375991966711676948> wahd up?
some divested shares
<@132259809310277632> whad up?
eezee probe collected (232398 bytes)
does that help you?
you can't melt stuff into a melting point
<@267468623935700992> do you know if there is a github bot for discord?
it's a metaphor massacre
@github new issue "eezee probes" body: last 30 messages
via api
yes ofc
yeah, that's enough
i would have done json too if you want
mars rover probe "giga blast api skip wait with curl" google
launch rocket]var[
\ 547706854680297473
the last 5 messages form <#548236605505142818>
it's really funny either way
save url
eezee probe avergae document similarity
wait, i'll whitelist you for that command
i have an even more essential one
<@548244096591069214> hey
!fresh markSafe('dm_discord_nameForUserID)
eezee: probe collected (5023 bytes)
!eval dm_discord_nameForUserID(547706854680297473)
eezee: probe collected (29323323 bytes)
it will all have a shape!
a game for development
lol so much action
melt eezee probe
<@417039456105922560> hey
@\ 547706854680297473
that's awesome
i could for example throw the bomb (debugging info about the visual server), then eezee probe the information, then i find a new detail t...
<@566250091736727560> hey
don't think we will kick <@132259809310277632> ever because of his name, but be nice to hear something
it's not just a pot
<@213694453771141123> whad up?
@! 547706854680297473
<@561858800492085258> hey
@ 547706854680297473
but to which channel
first attempt at a feed idea #ActivityFeed
how to get the user name back from the discord id?
launch rocket]var[
and now in hell 😄
divested shares
You guys are serious
yeah, that was the idea behind it
i'll have to give you the channel id
trhow bomb
but it's more like a melting point
launch rocket]var[
mars rover probe "giga blast api" stackoverflow
yes, awesome
like this?
who has ball
test test
I can hear you
imperium strikes back
<@216520709323751426> whad up?
i want divested shares
cant hear me?
<@530614430967267329> whad up?
would you like to be eezee probed?
just the discord id
Not sure why but you cant hear me
i don't know why we're stilll lthe only ones chatting

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