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asap yesterday
AND they could use some ML to suggest a fitting emoji
plus you get a cup you like
and the meaning is pretty clear too
you're hard to interact with
normally it's short for looks good to me
> I think you guys are in progres
not sure what you're doing
no people choose a design
i think you have to check "public" while making the bot
might have a vid call tomorrow
i mean, the feeling of having 1k a month
I went to IKEA and afterwards I got sad
the world is a crazy house
just everyone has their account
in a way people are almost completely shaped by environment today
i can just change bugs reported by other people 😄
but I'll go outside for a beer I think
<@548244096591069214> ?
i'm coding some stuff
she's an ass for sure
!safe-eval "my " + (adjective = mL_safe("Adjectives")) + " " + random(mL_w2v_similar_to(mL_safe("Nouns"), adjective)
<@591697464524931072> o3i2r23ru2809fjrwf
google probably can't charge people for searches
`cheer 100lemonandroid: i really like the programming as team sport idea
i have such a module already... restart when VM > 1 gb
yeah, there is a concept behind it... we are "faking" certain parts of the engine at this point
django is used by 100k projects on github
so what was that message of gazelle earlier? 😄
google probably has an api
i sometimes think i'm in hell when we're the only people chatting here
like the one who has been active the longest time ago first
don't tell him I said that 😄
Can't remember where
she had it when another neighbor owned the line
all correct 😃
well it just takes a shower and she'll look beatiful
ok i installed it and gave it a quick test
they tell which sentence is containing the correct answer
haha, it's a plugin for idea
just me through the widgetr
that's always a good sign
seems like someone with non-admin restored it 😄
have you tried nutmeg?
!safe-eval "the " + random(mL_safe("Adjectives")) + " " + random(mL_safe("Nouns"))

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