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that's why i started using server-side and client-side terminology
also you are so right <@463778175432785932>
our server is even more stable though (!)
she basically said what you said
im on the government's poor people insurance
it should stop doing that
you can use the server
i had to state whether i'm in a JUG when i applied for a talk at JavaLand
life is a journey
flex in progress
i don't even care anymore
hello MChriGM
so there's that
i thought it's a rock
yeah the local user group
we get better n better
now i got myself depressed, lol
_25 minute 12_
**traumaTizE 5ever**
bus = business units
JUG hamburg etc
gbot: jug hamburg
so u can buy a pet OwO
your log in should work again <@231070529384087553>
soon i will acquire a lot of moneys and proceed to flex on those who have once doubted me in life
get ur dailies
yeah there's my shit right there
_welcome to the chat of **DaNK**_
i think it's the mafia
^ me when my code No work
stupid move
we set up the server again
ah, whatever, we'll eat anyone
is it not worth>
But i don’t want a pet 😦
wow it's googlable
24 hour 7
JUG hamburg?
flex complete
and it pees on your motherboard
as i said, it doesn't matter
Poops on RAM tho?
u would never know because its always great
poops on ur SSD
instead they kick me out
thats like efveryone being above avg
only advantages
doesn't poop on the floor
if we choose
<@417039456105922560> might help you with employer research
for java
the shit makes the goods feel good
okay thank you i will bookmark that
enemy speechless
use it in new ways
gazelle, look up cabal
local user group?
Lets hope my computer doesn’t burn to its death
yeah i mean we go through shit sometimes
proceeding to flex...
in hamburg
and they blocked me
i'm the java reinventer guy
we r leveling up in life
is it a mantra
part of the journey
i only eat quality spleens
:sad face:
today the super market cashier started smalltalking with me
whatever i do, but it is worth some attention
yeah code not working is bad
i'm finally an acceptable person
no more unemployed interns
When did it not work?
u should do:
_but it gives you **24 hOuR 7** CompAniOnShiP_
of course we go thtrough shit
imagine if life was constantly great
yeah different java user groups
i have beef with JUG hamburg
it's virtual
fuck ea
never heard that before
fishy pussy
i'm blocked
i correct for u
i put the logo on the front page

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