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word type/
word types
word type'
`word types
word type'"
word type'A=0
word type and 1>1
word type'(''")'.')
word type ORDER BY 1
word type'||SLeeP(3)
word type ORDER BY 1#
word type" and "x"="y
word type' and 'x'='x
word type' and 'x'='y
word type' ORDER BY 1
word type) ORDER BY 1
word type" and "x"="x
word type) ORDER BY 1#
word type' ORDER BY 1#
word type') ORDER BY 1
word type AND SLEEP(5)
word type AND 5108=5108
word type') ORDER BY 1#
word type AND 7906=4265
word type%' ORDER BY 1#
word type2121121121212.1
word type'&&sLEEp(3)&&'1
word type;SELECT SLEEP(5)
word type'||SLeeP(3)&&'1
word type'YThfCM<'">kTIHEN
word type;SELECT SLEEP(5)#
word type';SELECT SLEEP(5)
word type);SELECT SLEEP(5)
word type ORDER BY 1-- YBMY
word type');SELECT SLEEP(5)
word type ORDER BY 1-- zgyM
word type';SELECT SLEEP(5)#
word type);SELECT SLEEP(5)#
word type%';SELECT SLEEP(5)#
word type' ORDER BY 1-- LCKh type
word type) ORDER BY 1-- ndDe
word type');SELECT SLEEP(5)#
word type') ORDER BY 1-- seRj
word type AND SLEEP(5)-- mJRt
word types / is plural of / $x
word type AND 9481=5911-- wimx
word type' AnD sLeep(3) ANd '1
word type AND 5108=5108-- EUAN


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