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yeah that's like 10 million use cases at once
like, once a user collected enought data (100k entries fore xample) the whole site look s differently
Use text representations like I do in JavaX
yeah, seems like a more realistic guesstimate
it could also be as easy like "Yeah, all your employees dismissed metric X and you told us that's your core KPI, something might be off"
YEAH that'S us
yeah that's O(1)
yeah, that's easy
That's cool 🙂 <@231070529384087553>
yeah, because it's relative
yeah rythm or whatever it's called is in 3 million servers
yeah, there is a concept behind it... we are "faking" certain parts of the engine at this point
that's actually something useful
that is something useful indeed... some use cases like that
like i could say "chat variable selectMessageFromDiscord" and wait for a message from you to use as the variable value
yeah but that means you didn't like the person
yeah, usually that's the case with project euler problems
yeah, that's the endpoint i implemented
Yeah that's why JavaX ships as source code
Yeah that's why modern air travel is a marvel
yeah, i think that's wise
Yeah that's what I'm referring to: ball bearings
yeah that's kind of funny
that's really a novel concept
yeah that's beginner's code 😃 but looks nice
Yeah that's what I meant
yeah whatever, sounds like advanced stuff
yeah but if the bot knows about it, that's cool
that's like a massacre
yeah that's good
like, that sentence we used earlier
like 100 million usd
yeah that's the mantra today
yeah something like that
yeah, that's enough
yeah that's nice
yeah and also d ifficult to formally and technically proof how and that it works 100% of the time
like i could say "chat variable variable-identifier selectMessageFromDiscord" and wait for a message from you to use as the variable value
yeah but that's a fat lie
that's the concept